This page contains archived class pages for past courses in the Persian Studies Program at the University of Texas at Austin. These are provided for historic interest and no longer reflect teaching methods in use at UT. If you are interested in current courses taught in the UT Persian program, please visit the department site.

First-Year Persian Course

First Semester

Syllabus and Course Home Page  (for archival purposes only, no longer current)

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Scenes from the Final Week of Class (for archival purposes only, no longer current)

Second Semester

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Supplementary Materials and Tools

PHP Tests for self-practice. The keyboard displayed in the tests is not clickable, you must learn to type the letters!

"Combined Tests" have an option at the end to email your own instructor for credit.

Joining and Disjoining Persian Letters Persian Alphabet with song ( EasyPersian Lessons 1-75 poetry
    EasyPersian Lessons 76-137  
Tests for Disjoining Frequently Occurring Shapes (Training the Retina to See Multi-Level Blocks) Alphabet Practice EasyPersian Lessons 138+  
Handwriting Recognition of Frequently Occurring Shapes in Khodkār  Font      
Alphabet Tests with Audio to Learn Pronunciation (choose either random combinations or real Persian words)   Arabic Patterns  
  Vocabulary - Pictures   FarsiDic
Tanvin Practice (Word Derivation)   Misc Grammar Points  
  Greetings   Farsi123
Telling Time   Vocabulary - Synonyms  
  Magic Pen watch the pen write words with audio and English translation (Flash format)   Hayyim
Math Tests      
  Persian Verb Conjugator Now with integrated WordNet!   Steingass
Writing Conventions Tests   Zarghāmiyān Audio  
Stress and Intonation Tests in Spoken Persian:
Present Perfect and Simple Past Tenses
    Dehkhodā & Mo`in
Verb Conjugation Tests

Basic Verb Tests (just the easy verbs, one-by-one tested in isolation)

Dikte - Dictation practice from easy to hard with answer key in normal handwriting (mp3 and pdf format) Here is a very nice and useful example of what they call a mashup from Quizlet. Lots of miscellaneous vocabulary games. Dekhodā

Dekhodā (German)

      Persian thesaurus NEW EDITION!
Windfuhr Textbook Tests      
  Behdād's Editor    
Tests on the film "The Mission" (assumes you own a copy of the entire film)      
Tests on the movie, "Hemlock" (assumes you own a copy of the entire film) Ferāgiri Listen to commonly made pronunciation mistakes by English speakers   MyGrade
  VOA Programs Simon Says This is an American game that's fun to play in the Persian classroom. We changed "Simon Says" to "Mehrān Mige."  
If you suspect this site is down, check Twitter NEW      
  Folksongs Watering Hole
    Firoozeh's Gift link revised! Language Lab
      Word Processing Windows