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Monday, 20 Jan 2013 The Most Common Verbs are the Tricky ones!
     to feel cold   to like  to be hungry  to be thirsty
 They conjugate in the 3rd singular only
Monday, 23 July 2012 Hāmed Shāh Abbāsi's Book of War
 Issues in Indo-Persian Unicode
Monday, 14 May 2012 Jalāl Āl-e Ahmad's Autobiographical Work
     A Stone on a Grave
 Professor Hillmann's Advanced Course
Monday, 12 Dec 2011 More Paleographical Exercises
     Index of Manuscript Drills
 Real Scanned Persian Manuscripts
Monday, 5 Dec 2011 Deciphering Persian Manuscripts
     No-Stress Drag & Drop Exercise
 Who needs dots and word spaces?!
Monday, 28 Nov 2011 A Scene from the film
     No One Knows About Persian Cats
 With Vocabulary Flashcards and Grammar Points
Monday, 21 Nov 2011 Four Kinds of Subordinate Clauses:
    concession    place    reason    time
 Let Subordination Dominate your Persian!
Monday, 14 Nov 2011 When you can't remember what's-her-face's's name:
   Using /chiz/ to fill in for a person's name
 Examples of Hesitation Forms
Monday, 7 Nov 2011 Sent in by one of the website visitors:
   Vocabulary Flashcards for "The Chair"
 What a nice gift!
Monday, 31 Oct 2011 Got a Non-Searcheable Persian PDF?
   Persian "Comments" in a PDF File
 A nice feature for Persian scholars
Monday, 25 Oct 2011 Tehrān colloquial feature:
   /ān/ pronounced /un/
 khune, esfahun, sākhtemun, ishun
Monday, 17 Oct 2011 hālā barā-t ye chāi dam mikonam
   Present Indicative Functions as Future
 Example Sentences with this Verb Tense
Monday, 10 Oct 2011 What is your Major?
   Flashcard Drill: Fields of Study
 Also see in list format with audio
Monday, 3 Oct 2011 A worry-free vocabulary item:
   Expressions with bi-khiāl
Monday, 26 Sep 2011 Windows, Mac, Linux
   Iranian Standard Keyboard ISIRI 9147
 Download, Install, Enable
Monday, 13 Dec 2010 bā in hame kār...
   /bā/ meaning "what with", "due to"
Example Sentences with Audio!
Monday, 6 Dec 2010 hame-chi(z)  *  hanu(z)   *   a(z) kojā
  /-z/ deletion in Persian
Example Sentences with Audio!
Monday, 18 Oct 2010 bā-h-ā-shān      be-h-esh      be-h-et
     Euphonic -h- Glide Insertion        
Example Sentences with Audio!
Monday, 11 Oct 2010 abfa sia naja fava savak
     Persian Abbreviations and Acronyms        
Example Sentences Showing Usage
Monday, 4 Oct 2010 3 More `Omar Khayyām Quatrains
     Venus face  *  Koo Koo  *  Gur & Gur         
Very suitable for beginners! Give them a try!
Monday, 27 Sept 2010 Consider yourself culturally literate?
     Khāqāni's Palace at Madāen         
Make sure you have read and understood this one!
Monday, 21 Sept 2010 How do you say ...?
  "the blue one"   "the small ones"
Translating from English
Monday, 13 Sept 2010 Reflexives: Change the Pronoun with Ezāfe to...
  Enclitic Suffix      or    Khod
more drills with audio
Monday, 6 Sept 2010 Mohammad Nouri sings....
  Iran Iran
with a Listening Comprehension exercise
Monday, 30 Aug 2010 Digit-by-Digit doesn't work in Persian...
  How to Read Out Phone Numbers
More exercises with "Bachche-Sulsul"
Monday, 2 Aug 2010 A Very Big Thank-you
  Volunteer  Sentence  Contributors
Keep the sentences coming!
Monday, 13 July 2010 Nice and Colloquial...
   sentence-final /ke/, an emphatic "you know"
List of Drills
Monday, 5 July 2010 Spoken Persian breaks all the rules in the textbooks!
   ezāfe deletion, definite article -a- with pronoun suffix
List of Drills
Monday, 28 June 2010 Yet another use of /tā/
  tā meaning "than" after a verb
List of Drills
Monday, 21 June 2010 fardā-sh: its next day, the next day?
  -esh as a place-holder or link
List of Drills
Monday, 14 June 2010 I, name of me is ...
  Fronting: refer back to the topic by pronoun suffix
List of Drills
Monday, 7 June 2010 Ezāfe not allowed! Definite "the" on Noun-ADJ phrase! 
  The BIG house but not the small one
List of Drills
Monday, 31 May 2010 Definite article "the" suffix -(h)e is -(h)a before rā  
  -e becomes -a         -he becomes -ha
List of Drills
Monday, 24 May 2010 /ast/ doesn't always become /-e/  
  Copula Suffix -s after /a/ & /ā/ in Speaking 
List of Drills
Monday, 17 May 2010 /hā/  tag  for  emphasis
  emphatic (h)ā on imperatives & optatives  
List of Drills
Monday, 10 May 2010 Phonological Rule in Spoken Persian
  sentences: final -e to -a: hame + shun = hamashun
List of Drills
Monday, 3 May 2010 Here, Come and Get It!
  sentences: "biā"  meaning "Here, take this"
List of Drills
Monday, 26 April 2010 "balad" is also a noun meaning "guide"
  sentences: Lots of "balad-hā" and "nā-balad-hā"!
List of Drills
Monday, 19 April 2010 To Know How To Do
  sentences with "balad" + subjunctive verb
List of Drills
Monday, 12 April 2010 Have you collided with "bar-khord" yet?
  sentences with "bar-khord"
List of Drills
Monday, 5 April 2010 Sentences related to age and getting old:
  to be / become n years old
List of Drills
Monday, 29 March 2010 Another one grammar teacher neglected to mention:
  The Colloquial "taraf" Meaning "the guy"
List of Drills
Monday, 22 March 2010 Spotlight on a Useful Expression
  che be resad ke  -  x not to mention y
List of Drills
Monday, 15 March 2010 Infinitives Used As Nouns in Sentences
  positive infinitive      negative infinitive
List of Drills
Monday, 8 March 2010 Don't show these ones to your grammar teacher!
  rā marking an entire embedded clause 
See Spoken and Written Styles Merge
Monday, 1 March 2010 Advanced Persian: rā after an entire ke clause
  examples with /ro/      examples with /o/  
a feature of Spoken/Colloquial style
Monday, 22 Feb 2010 The Sound `Ayn in Arabic vs Persian
   Initial, Medial, Final `Ayn with Audio & Sound Image  
similar items in the Drill Index
Monday, 15 Feb 2010 On the Occasion of 22 Bahman...
   Phrases with Topical  "Protest" Vocabulary  
a list generated from Protest-Themed Verbs
Monday, 8 Feb 2010 A wonderfully dynamic poem by Forugh Farrokhzād
   Ma`shuq-e Man = My Beloved   
neatly summarized in summation notation!
Monday, 1 Feb 2010 Ear Check: Stressed and Unstressed Final /-i/
   Drag & Drop Audio Exercise     List Version      
List of Drills
Monday, 25 Jan 2010 Standards-Compliant Persian Keyboard
        Mac  *   Windows
Type Persian Properly with Pride!
Monday, 18 Jan 2010 A very sweet and easy children's story
        I Found My White Rabbit in the Spring - A.R. Ahmadi
With Armenian translation!
Monday, 11 Jan 2010  More Compensatory Lengthening: /h/ (he) Deletion in Spoken Style
   Drag & Drop Audio Exercise     List Version      
List of Drills
Monday, 4 Jan 2010 More `Āshurā 2009 
     Tehrān Police Radio Communications         
Extreme Persian for the ultra advanced levels!
Monday, 28 Dec 2009 `Āshurā 2009 on the streets of Tehrān
     Irān-o Kardi Karbalā         
You have made Iran Karbala!
Monday, 21 Dec 2009 Compensatory Lengthening: `Ayn Deletion in Spoken Style
   Drag & Drop Audio Exercise     List Version      
List of Drills
Monday, 14 Dec 2009 A tasnif from the Constitutional Era
     Malek o-Sho`arā Bahār's  Morgh-e Sahar         
Enjoy this orchestral rendition sung by Salar Aghili
Monday, 7 Dec 2009 Audio Drills:  Adjectives vs Adverbs
   Spoken Style:  Drag & Drop     Translation      
List of Drills
Monday, 30 Nov 2009 Audio Drills on The Yes-No Question Tag Āyā
   Drag & Drop:  spoken set 1     written set 2      
Listen and Translate:  spoken set 3    written set 4
Monday, 23 Nov 2009 Example Sentences     in the     Persian Verb Conjugator
   āb shodan    *   derow kardan   *     āb raftan
see English definitions on the conjugation pages
Monday, 16 Nov 2009 "Thematic Dictionary" capability
   shopping    *   office   *   school
in the Persian Verb Conjugator
Monday, 9 Nov 2009 The Productive -idan Suffix in Messaging Slang!
   tighidan  *  زنگیدن  *   derāzidan  *  لاغریدن
Save these for your Microblogging needs!
Monday, 2 Nov 2009 Persian Verb Conjugator
Persian Compound Verbs
Limit them!    Sort them!
Monday, 26 Oct 2009 "Spoken" and "Written" Registers
   Navigating up Through the Registers   
 dore < dawre  *  fek < fekr  *  qat < qat`
Monday, 19 Oct 2009 Verbs with "bar" in the Present Subjunctive:
bar gashtan:   written style     spoken style
 Delete the subjunctive be- prefix always!
Monday, 12 Oct 2009 A Day Hike out of Tehran
Shir-Palā in the Alborz Range   
 Slideshow with Audio!
Monday, 5 Oct 2009 Adjectives used as Adverbs
Drag & Drop    *    Translation
 with Audio!
Monday, 28 Sept 2009 Harder Vocatives and Interjections
mabādā  *  vānafsā  *  shāhanshāhā  * ay darighā
Flashcards with Audio
Monday, 21 Sept 2009 The most difficult verb: To Be
Ast or Hast? Exercise with Audio
Conjugation of 'to be' budan
Monday, 14 Sept 2009 Pronunciation of Words with Final Vāv
Audio Drill with a Few Examples
/o/  /u/  /aw/  /v/ ??
Monday, 7 Sept 2009 More Stress and Intonation
Calling out to a Person
Vocative Case
Monday, 31 Aug 2009 Impersonal Modals
one must ...      one can...     it is possible to....
these require the "short infinitive"
Monday, 24 Aug 2009 You don't have to get a new Windows Keyboard to learn:
to join Persian letters     or      to disjoin Persian letters
But it would be nice for you and for Persian!
Monday, 16 Aug 2009 While fonts have their uses, don't neglect your handwriting!
poem as sar-mashq            song as sar-mashq
Courtesy of Ostad Ilia Faghfouri
Monday, 9 Aug 2009 to let someone else...    to allow someone else to.....
The Verb Gozāshtan with 2 Agents
I let him....      You don't allow me.....
Monday, 3 Aug 2009 An easy pseudo-classical dialogue-style poem
Mast-o Hoshyār   by   Parvin E`tesāmi
Includes scansion exercises for `aruz (poetic meter)
Mon, 27 July 2009 New Vocabulary: Ordinal Numbers (first, second, third...)
 Parts:    1  2  3  4
 Beginner's Special List Here
Mon, 20 July 2009 More Easy Modal Verbs with Audio!
     Written Style    *   Spoken Style 
 can -  want - must
Mon, 13 July 2009 More Color Vocabulary!
 Parts:    1  2 
 Beginner's Special List Here
Mon, 6 July 2009 New Vocabulary: Adverbial Time Expressions
 Parts:    1  2  3
 Beginner's Special List Here
Mon, 29 June 2009 A Surrealistic Children's Story
All Those Paper Boats  
By Ahmad-Rezā Ahmadi
Mon, 22 June 2009 Easy Modal Verbs with Audio
Persian script   *   Transcription
I want to ...   She is unable to ...
15 June 2009 Eavesdrop on the Grassroots Effort!
23 Khordād Iran Election Response
High-tech coordination, Persian style!
1 June 2009 A Nice and Easy Song for Beginners
Sour and Sweet
Torsh-o Shirin  by Mohsen Nāmjoo and Rezā Attārān
15 May 2009 An Iranian Outraged by an Execution in Britain?!
The Hanging of Sir Roger Casement
Jamālzāde in Kāve, dated August 1916
1 May 2009 from Morning News IRIB Channel 1
Weather Report from March
Including tests on the Provinces of Iran
15 Apr 2009 Persian New Year's Greetings!
 President Obama Speaks Persian!
Featuring tests on stressed & unstressed final -e(h)
1 Apr 2009 Phrases for Everyday Situations
 What are you doing?
Courtesy of IRIB aka "Sedā-o Simā"
15 Mar 2009 Attention Dāsh Masti-hā!
 Raise /e/ to /i/ before /k/ or /g/:    shikundan   شیکوندن
 Announce the quality of your character!
1 Mar 2009 New Vocabulary: Parts of the Body
 Parts:    1  2  3  4  5
 Beginner's Special List Here
15 Feb 2009 日本語とペルシャ語が向き合って
  Qājār Intellectual Urges House-Cleaning on Japan Model    
 Tarbiyyat by Mohammad-Hosayn Forughi, Zokā ol-Molk
1 Feb 2009 Do you have a "raft-o umad" with colloquial verbs?
raftan    رفتن  *  umadan   *   اومدن
Written & Spoken Verb Conjugator and practice tests
15 Jan 2009 Are you a ...
Bachche-Susul ??
Lots of accompanying exercises and good stuff !
Jan 2009 Stressed Out about Stress in Spoken Persian?
Present Perfect Statement vs Question Intonation
Requires a good musical ear !
Dec 2008 Advanced Handwriting Recognition
Disjoin Frequently Occurring Two-Letter Blocks
For Windows, Mac and Linux
Nov 2008 Present Tense Verbs, one-at-a-time
Basic Verb Conjugation Tests
Fill in missing letters, translation, multiple-choice
Oct 2008 Fun for the Persian Classroom!
Simon Says
We changed Simon Says to Mehrān Mige
July 2008 Chris de Burgh  and  Arian
The Words 'I Love You'
First Western - Iranian Act Permitted Since 1979
June 2008 What time is it in Persian?
Time on the Hour
Quarter Past        Half Past        Quarter To
with audio   *    knowledge of Persian script not required
May 2008 What is tanvin ?
  Easy        Medium       Hard
   Practice  the Tanvin !
April 2008 Sohrab Sepehri's autobiographical masterpiece
  Sound of the Footsteps of Water
  Sedā-ye Pā-ye Āb
5 March 2008 University of Texas on Voice of America
  Segment from VOA Persian
Election Coverage
 March 2008 porteqāl        nārenj       nārangi
  Apples,  Oranges,  Melons  and  Berries
   May your Persian Studies be extremely samar-bakhsh!
Feb 2008  جستن 
jastan or jostan ??
  Know  Your  Homographs
raftan or roftan ??
Jan 2008 Warning:
Extreme Persian!    Advanced Users Only!
  Masoud Behnoud  Interviews  Ibrahim Golestan
The BBC interview analyzed and deconstructed  
Dec 2007 Remedial Math!  Arithmetic Tests!
Practice with Persian Numerals
 Practice with Audio Prompt
Oct 2007 Souvenir from Tehrangeles
How to Warm Your Hands 
  A Cute Turn of Phrase in the Gilaki Dialect 
Sept 2007 A l p h a b e t   P r a c t i c e
Joining and Disjoining Persian Letters 
  Test yourself  
August 2007 Poem by a 15th-century Judeo-Persian mystic 
Sāqināmeh  by 'Emrāni of Isfahān
  Persian written in Hebrew script  
July 2007 Need to Conjugate a Persian Verb?
Persian Verb Conjugator   ||   Test Yourself
  in Persian script and Transcription
June 2007 We'll sure miss Mehdi!
Farewell Message from Mehdi
Our Fulbright Scholar from Iran
Jan 2007 Welcome to Spring Semester
Syllabus and Course Home Page 
First Year Persian
Dec 2006 Film Footage from the 1st-Year Persian Class
Album of Memories 
Our Pride and Joy!   
August 2006 Welcome Students!
Syllabus and Course Home Page 
First Year Persian  
July 2006 According to some,
the most important poem
in modern Persian literature:

Another Birth by Forugh Farrokhzād
June 2006 Poetry    by   Sohrab Sepehri
In the Tar of Night
A  Gift  from  Farhad  Arbab  of  Leiden  University
May 2006 C r i t i c s'   C h o i c e !     H o t    N e w    T a l e n t !
Student Compositions
For Your Summer Reading Pleasure
April 2006 Writing a Letter in Persian
Video Presentation
For Best Results,
First, Right Click on Link and Save to your Desktop
March 22  -  May 3
Press Release
Jan 2006 Pioneering moments in Perso-Arabic typography
 We are honored by a personal account by Thomas Milo
Jan 2006 Everyone's favorite Hāfez
I saw the blue-green field of heaven
 Read by Hossein Samei,   Emory University
16 Jan 2006 1st-year Persian students:
To which of our 3 classrooms should you report on the first day of Spring Semester?
This shocking video reveals all
Dec 2005 Prepare to be entertained as you've never been entertained before:
 The First-Year Persian Students' Weblog
11 Nov 2005 In town to deliver a lecture
Hamid Naficy 
records a guest dictation assignment (also see: answer key)
 much to the delight of the 1st-year Persian students!
Oct, 2005 Good Thoughts  *  Good Words  *  Good Deeds
A very special donation from Seattle-based musician & educator, Khodadad Kaviani:
 Rāh-e Zartosht
and 5 other songs from the popular CD Ancient Whispers celebrating the customs and festivals of ancient Iran.    
16 Oct 2005 All of you missing your beloved instructor, Behrad Aghaei who has gone on to bigger & better things at Univ of Michigan this year, will be happy to know he misses you too and has prepared a little something for you:
Sara speaks Persian almost as fast as Behrad!
14 Oct 2005 Students, hungry for a little Esfahan Persian?

Bāqalā  Polaw
Don't forget you're all invited to Professor Ghanoonparvar's house for dinner tomorrow night, 6 pm!
Oct, 2005 A most generous donation from
Professor Manoucher Kasheff of Columbia University:

The Dibāche  of the Golestān of Sa`di

Dedicated to the memory of Firoozeh Khazrai
24 September 2005
Hurricane Rita Hits Texas

Off the Wire from IRNA
Sept, 2005 A Very Warm Welcome to the Students of 1st Year Persian
Class Page and Syllabus
We hope this is the start of a long and fulfilling journey!
August, 2005
Featured Item of the Month
Were you thinking Persian is limited to Tehran Persian?
Turkish Delights
Check out the linguistic sophistication of these jokes donated by a well-wisher from Azerbaijan with a wonderful sense of humor!
July, 2005
Featured Item of the Month
Which of Hāfez' poems is inscribed on his tombstone?
You're going to like this one!  Thanks very much to the History Dept, Shiraz Univ whose intrepid camera man has provided the special shots of the tombstone and extra special thanks to Prof. Hossein Samei of Emory Univ. who has beautifully recorded the poem in two styles.
June, 2005
Featured Item of the Month
The Hunter-Student
See what Alex in the Intermediate Persian Class put together for you!  It took him the entire Spring Semester and all his hard work is greatly appreciated!  Blessings and thanks upon his father, too, who was kind enough to read it into an mp3 recorder.  Enjoy that on your iPod!!
April 30, 2005
The students of Persian 361
Tara Bahrampour (The Washington Post), Anne Betteridge (University of Arizona), Zjaleh Hajibashi (University of Virginia), Persis Karim  (San Jose State University)
Abbas Milani (Stanford University), Nasrin Rahimieh  (McMaster University), Farhang Rajaee (Carlton University Faridoun Farrokh (Texas A&M International University)
Program    Photo   Video
"Iranian Identity: Questions and Challenges"
A Symposium
Saturday, 30 April 2005  


Dec, 2004

Did you miss all the talent at the ISACO performance?  Watch the video!

Part 1    Part 4
Part 2    Part 5
Part 3    Part 6


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