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Text & Translation

Ahmad (the Āqā here simply softens the effect of addressing him by his first name only), someone is at the door who is saying (present progressive tense: "dārad miguyad")  he's [a] neighbor, however, his voice is a little strange (yek juri ast, is a certain way).

Okay, so what does he say?

He says, "You come and get your car from in front of our house." (Persian uses direct quotation where English prefers indirect reporting: He said we should come...)

Who is it? Who is it?

No one is there.
احمد آقا، یه نفر پشت دره می‌گه همسایه است، ولی صداش یه جوریه.

خوب چی می‌گه؟

می‌گه بیاین ماشینتونو از جلوی در خونه ما بردارید.

کیه؟ کیه؟

هیشکی (هیچ کس) توش (پشت در) نیست.



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