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Clip 25



Text & Translation

I told you it was getting expensive, friend.

They take as much as they feel like, since yesterday, it's gone to twenty thousand Tomans.

Twenty thousand Tomans?

It's smuggled goods, after all.

Anyhow, slowly reduce it.


Your old man's doses, look, I know this is none of my business, but he's smoking too much, you know, he's an old man, right, but his consumption has become too much.

I treat your father as mine, I'm saying it for his sake.
گفته بودم داره گرون می‌شه بچه‌محل.

هرچی دلشون بخواد می‌گیرن، از دیروز شده بیست هزار تومن (تومان).

بیست هزار تومن؟

قاچاقه دیگه.

خوب یواش یواش کمش کن.

چی رو؟

جیره آقاتو، ببین به من مربوط نیست ولی داره زیاد می‌کشه ها، پیرمرده درست ولی مصرفش زیاد شده.

آقا جونت حق پدری به گردن ما داره ها واسه خودش می‌گم.



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