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Clip 22



Text & Translation

Hello, Ma'am, I wanted to speak with Ms. Riyāhi.

She's not there?

Yes, this is me.

Fine, thanks, and you? (literarlly: Thanks to your compassion, thanks to your concern)  Are you well?

Ah...it wasn't her shift today?

No, I wanted to ask about the condition of Engineer.

Yes, Okay....

Thank you very much, Doctor, Good-bye.
سلام خانوم، با خانوم ریاحی کار داشتم.


 بله خودم هستم.

به مرحمتتون، شما خوبین؟

اه... امروز شیفتشون نبود؟

نه، می‌خواستم حال مهندس رو بپرسم.

بله خوبه...

خیلی ممنون آقای دکتر، خداحافظ.



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