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Clip 16



Text & Translation

Three sticks [of opium]? (lul = lule, pipe, a counting word for opium.  bas = enough, for emphasis, the s is doubled to  bass)

As you wish, every day the price is going up.

Anyhow, I don't have the money on me either.

How much do you have?

Twenty Tomans. (It's understood 20 thousand Tomans.)

What to do? Seeing how you're one of us...

Actually I don't want it.

[If] there's too much, his consumption will go up.

Take it....."If there's more, I'll use it faster" means what?!
Okay, put it away someplace so it won't be too much within easy reach....Take it, I don't want to buy it next month [when it'll be] expensive. 

Put it there, put it in the glove-compartment.

I also bought the medicine for you that you wanted, take it.
سه لول؟ من که گفتم یکی بسّمه. (بس ام است، بس=کافی)

هرجور میلته، روز به روز داره قیمت بالا می‌ره.

آخه پول همرام (همراهم) نیست.

جقد (چقدر) داری؟

بیست تومن (تومان).

چی کارت کنم، بچه‌محل؟!

اصاً (اصلاً) نمی‌خوام...

زیاد باشه مصرفش می‌ره بالا.

وردار (بردار)... زیاد که باشه زودتر مصرف می‌کنم چیه... خوب بذار یه جا دم دست نباشه... وردار نمی‌خوام یه ماه دیگه گرون بخری.

بذارش اونجا، بذار تو داشبورد.
دوایی هم که می‌خواستی برات خریدم، ورش دار.



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