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Text & Translation

His job was going well, however, he quit it, he got some foolish [leftist, political] ideas in his head (Literal translation: His head was giving off the smell of Qorme Sabzi, a green-colored, very aromatic dish.)   He went, as the expression goes, to serve the Revolution.  And his daughter,  they gave her a room at the university, she went there.

Daddy, Uncle (brother of mother) Mahmud's head didn't smell!

Oh yes it did, dear. It did.

No, it didn't.

Oh yes it did, dear.  The fact is, you don't even understand what "smell of" qorme sabzi means.

کارشون خوب بود، ولی ول کرد، سرش بوی قرمه سبزی می‌داد.  رفت به اصطلاح به انقلاب خدمت کنه. دخترشم از طرف دانشگاه یه اتاق  بهش دادن. رفته اونجا. 

بابا، دایی محمود سرش بو نمی‌داد!

چرا باباجون، می‌داد. می‌داد.


چرا، می‌داد، باباجان.  منتها، تو «اسمل آف» قرمه سبزی حالیت نیست.






Reference: Parviz Sayyad's biography

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