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Text & Translation

We had a house in Tehran, it had mortgage on it.  She went to sell it and fix it up and maybe have a little money to take away and bring back.  But no! The hostage situation had to come up just then.

Then also,  the Iran-Iraq war and that did it. She got stuck over there (on the other side of the ocean.)

یه خونه داشتیم تهرون،  مقداری بدهی روش بود.  رفت اونو بفروشه و اوضاع رو صاف و صوف کنه و شایدم یه پولی  بر داره با خودش بیاره.  هیچ.  خورد به hostage situation

حالام که جنگ ایران و عراق و هیچی دیگه.  مونده اونور آب.



Reference: Parviz Sayyad's biography

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