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This page contains the clip, transcription and English translation.
The Mission





Text & Translation

This is a map of Manhattan.  And here's a map of the subway. ok? How much of the language do you know?

Oh well, not much.  A few things for getting by.

That's enough.  There's a "teach-yourself" here too.  There's also a television and as for stuff to eat, I've picked up everything for you and put it in this fridge.  If you go two blocks down, there's a supermarket.  It has everything.

The gas stove (-esh of it,  refers to the house and is required) even works.

I didn't know they have cockroaches here.


این نقشهٔ منهتنه.  اینم نقشهٔ ساب‌وی.  خب؟  زبون چی می‌دونی؟

ای. نه زیاد. یه چیزائی برای رفع احتیاج.

کافیه.  خودآموز هم اینجا هست.  تلوزیون هم که است و  خوراکی موراکی هم همه چی  واسه‌ات گرفتم و تو این یخچال گذاشتم.  دو بلوک پائین‌تر می‌ری سوپر مارکت هست. همه چی داره.

اجاق‌گازش هم کار می‌کنه.

نمی‌دونستم اینجا سوسک داره.



Reference: Parviz Sayyad's biography

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